Wednesday, February 8, 2012

adidas NEO Label 2012 New Style In Sping and Summer

The new generation of super idol PengYuYan popularity with Angelababy pure and fresh and speak of adidas NEO Label, in this season of spring rolls out based series (Foundation and Foundation Plus), go against the river for the source, jump to complex, in the most fundamental and most contracted design style is to pursue honors "Less is more" classic principle, and bold fusion fresh color formation visual impact; Derby this season and QT Court shoe money follows the adidas classic three stripe design, colour is bouncing design, provide a joker more choice. In February of 2012, as new generations to express themselves and prepare for a better life! The series of products for energetic NEO youth who deal with all sorts of situations and design, high quality fabrics mix classical three stripe elements, whether to go out with friends outing to paint, or simple outdoor activities, all is the perfect choice. That's right, pure and fresh and full season has arrived! Let us follow the steps of adidas NEO Label cast off depressing, playing a the most colorful individuality most young, reveal the new generation of booming vigor and youth fresh fun!
Classic stripes, case son with a variety of fresh color, easily knock the early spring new feelings. Refuse to trival, say goodbye to the heavy! Pragmatic style design, let you can easily acquired on collocation, simple wear a unique style of new generation have their own attitude. And adidas brand most three representative stripe design also in spring Foundation series (Foundation and Foundation Plus) perfect subversive use: in the coat, three stripe is low-key and smart use in detail place in cap, breaking the base color single boring match colors restrictions, full of new meaning that joining together of give prize effect, promote the fun of infinite NEO green spirit. And in early spring new series, is more details present a ponder dye-in-the-wood young rhythm: chic plastic bag a rope head and glass textures zipper head increase brand design feeling, and use relief engraving process is not only logo highlights its low quality, more for this series can defy increase the value of degrees.
Adidas eternal three stripe also used in this season of shoes design inspiration, the color of the continuation of jumping, meanwhile, is more bold to fight both hit collocation design, roll out adidas NEO Label male money Derby and female of QT Court classical series. This series of sports shoes as a basis to the design inspiration, more concise collocation of line, the pure vamp shoe body colour, and the youth of the three shoes color stripe. Different, sole coloring is extending the shoe body colour, let you walk in the moment also can easily win, show Young Young personality. In fabric, is to choose suede leather shoes surface material, not only with feeling restoring ancient ways, be able to bear or endure look for more new. This one season, NEO and express themselves and together out of the show vitality youth pace, foot on the full of surprises and unknown new journey!
This season package money, have used the epidemic and the functional for the integration of PU cortical materials, simple quadrate design, collocation is blue, scarlet, bright yellow and black, four basic tonal to mix build or collocation of coat and with shoes, and lively color absolutely let you jump to the modelling of mediocrity, highlights character, it is absolutely not decline of early spring will purchase of the paragraph.
Classic three stripe, bright color, fresh, dynamic dress style... This February, whether movement, shopping or leisure life, adidas NEO Label will become your best new equipment necessary. Now, let's get to the most pure and fresh and full of attitude accept of every challenge, present a ponder dye-in-the-wood young rhythm!

What’s adidas NEO Label?
Adidas NEO Label belong to adidas motion recreational series, is a blend in your daily life, the most pure and fresh and sports leisure brand. It from the brand idea of adidas draw inspiration, and follow the main trend is popular, provide close to the life of all kinds of sports leisure clothing products. Adidas NEO Label, means that pure and fresh vitality, be permeated with optimistic upward, dynamic, personality affinity, pure and fresh, with the spirit of advancing with The Times. The new generation of their star idols outstanding representative PengYuYan and Angelababy is adidas NEO Label brand spokesperson, they show on the pure and fresh and natural and positive, confident and such traits as adidas NEO Label brand spirit perfect correspondence. Adidas NEO products always adhering to the pure and fresh and energetic style of the design, have sports leisure, fashionable, basic joker three series, from energy pie for all kinds of different ShangPa when consumers spend a body to make.

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