Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cabbeen Lifestyle & Art House In 2012 Spring

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Cabbeen Lifestyle Art House
2012 spring, let the irregular change line in the caper clever
Gorgeous collision big an happy the singing
Mechanical feeling geometrical composition of poetic rhythm to quietly
Jointly compose a form of socialist ShiJu
Cabbeen Lifestyle to Art House for the theme painted a a gorgeous grand optimism DianYi, those oupuoptics agitation of irregular change space, the palette color piece, full of naughty and infinite mystery, provide a diverse mix of unlimited possibilities and creativity. All kinds of sports, Hugh elements of fashion fusion, let the work the patron saint of leisure optional mix build, let your whole spring comfortable natural vigor, is full of Europe type leisure elegant tonal fresh!
Fashion-luxuriant fashionable drama
Cabbeen Lifestyle fashion series, the Europe type of exquisite, passionate, luxuriant exaggerated, dramatic, the rendering and stretched out on the details of all show how much kemp art taste, a big European romantic show.
Small make up recommend: Bauhaus memorial paragraph when Gropius met Margaret spellings
Bauhaus Gropius founder of the deep gaze into years, and home guy best friends pet lizards montage combination, let a person as if in ornamental a pair of Margaret spellings collage paintings. A fully continued the Bauhaus modern socialist humanistic sheet is tasted, presents the ideology of a sense of humor and thought.
Deconstruction gout, Bauhaus after elements
Sport wind spring clothing collocation, cobalt blue clothes who leisure activity
The race-fastidious scrutiny of elegant and intellectual
Cabbeen Lifestyle jas race series, all kinds of imagination float in the sky of manual graphic art temperament float in the sky, elegant clipping design highlights sven Confucianism elegant temperament, with art and literature breath will fashion outline sublimation nobility is poetic, and it all melted in the Bauhaus socialist and oupuoptics the feast of the wind.
Partial dress organ plait white shirts, tie-in gradient cardigan sweater, Paris classic cardigan left image is be vividly portrayed, refined and gentle, the poetic and aesthetic feeling of the artistic breath.
Embroidery was brought leisure suits, the fashionable possess details.

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