Monday, February 6, 2012

Cabbeen Chic Artisan——Touch the beauty of fine of handicraft remodeling charm

Cabbeen Chic本季在 “现代手工艺术”的主题之下,将手工艺各辉煌历史时刻的元素,以先锋时装语汇描绘呈现。
Cabbeen Chic this season in "modern handicraft art" under the theme, the brilliant moments in the history of handicraft element to pioneer fashion vocabulary describe present. In the classic pattern of traditional handicraft to reshape the geometry, give the folk art new aesthetic form beauty.

All kinds of material, combination of collage, extreme fine detail change, delivering a noble quality sense. A glimmer of contains artist flashes flashing, condensing the temperature of the human nature. Those ancient grace, those who contain a repeated the brilliance of poems MeiZhi, focusing on the contemporary feeling the outline of modern bloom.

Traditional American art and post-modern joining together

The traditional embroidery technology and mercerizing simple sense of modernistic fabrics meet, the collage of whole graft form gradual change effect; Line straight flat fashionable profile design will traditional beauty art dedicated delicate sublimated beauty of a dress postmodern poetry.

Traditional handicraft classic design through the abstract geometrical, different fabrics, color collage present.

Theme pattern fashionable variation

Will change a "oupuoptics wind" containing "transplantation" in the suit, not only build a significant architectural aesthetics, form the visual movement, and break suit conventional monochrome, present a disruptive wonderful beauty. Jeans spelling down into the geometric pattern design also skin, and jacket form echo.

Theme in the graph tee use change, the collocation of constant window.

Traditional crafts with modern design pattern changed forever, geometric abstraction and collage in shirt poetic performance.

Theme geometry graph in texture of the performance, moistens everything silently.

The classic case the fashionable young friends

The classic case son into the Art Deco elements, heavy and complicated, with the case of a postmodern yuppie wind. On collocation, presented the nowadays is the most fashionable-on top of all the way up and inside is the same or similar design, oupuoptics of visual art movement will be vividly portrayed, model case with extraordinary fascination, inside take a black legging played the integral colour balance of role.
Cabbeen Chic本季在 “现代手工艺术”的主题之下,将手工艺各辉煌历史时刻的元素,以先锋时装语汇描绘呈现。

Cabbeen Chic本季在 “现代手工艺术”的主题之下,将手工艺各辉煌历史时刻的元素,以先锋时装语汇描绘呈现。
Cabbeen Chic本季在 “现代手工艺术”的主题之下,将手工艺各辉煌历史时刻的元素,以先锋时装语汇描绘呈现。
Cabbeen Chic本季在 “现代手工艺术”的主题之下,将手工艺各辉煌历史时刻的元素,以先锋时装语汇描绘呈现。


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