Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Japan's largest network mall ZOZOTOWN recently even hand ONE-PIECE popularity comic "someday king", inviting the big fashion brand start cooperation series, product besides have BAPE, Number (N) ine, BEAMS and other high-end fashion brand participation outside, HARE, FREAK 'S STORE, atoms, CHAPTER WORLD leisure shoes, such as brand also present launch various dress.
New products have with lovely character Joe, and ONE-PIECE "as the theme of the T-shirt, the king someday skull pirate flag has become the Tote bag, rings, bracelets, such main elements, accessories brand M and JAM HOME MADE etc also launched a pin, iPhone, and other small shell parts, a product from shoes to coat backpack to find, asing if is a king someday the theme of the second yuan space, vertiginous, mind excited. 
The joint sales activities from March 1, start to end on 31 May, as the king of how you someday fans may miss, immediately ZOZOTOWN lay their hands on the landing order! And of the axis mastermind JAPAN "LOGMcCoy ONEPIECE 01" single product is in the March 7,, Japanese time 10 at night appears, so what's commodities, there will be announced, want to know more details, pay close attention to our dynamic updates.

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