Thursday, March 8, 2012

DICKIES New Jacket On 2012 Spring

The jacket is always necessary in almirah tide people kind of clothes from jerkin style jacket to military wind jacket, all bring infinite hale amorous feelings. When 90-year anniversary of the American and well-known brand in its spring DICKIES also introduced two series of military uniform jacket with the element, make, for the fixtures into different elements of big shop sign.

Male money uniform jacket chose accord with olive green and meters of season two match colors gray, a clean cut appear straightforward optional, the waist may adjust the reasonable design let the effect of pursuit of personal you also can be satisfied. Special water the full effect of vicissitudes of life, cotton material is greatly enhanced in comfort.

Jacket, the use of female money agile short design, tie-in case grain shirt can very good expression neutral elements. The details of the badge brought pointed better outstanding military uniform type style, his chest and body side pockets designed to let the practicality and the perfect fusion of fashionable feeling. Rich nostalgic simple sense of match colors create restore ancient ways hale temperament.

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