Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 Latest McQ Alexander McQueen Chic Uniform

Alexander McQueen (Alexander McQueen) style element has: the darkness of the romantic, a sense of history, the perfect clipping. Series has military inspiration, but to render feminine new style to feel soft change, and joined the McQueen often into the drama of the classic quality. The series in even the most simple design also presents grace modelling, go out fully in luxurious details. Similarly, in military style reflect the men's clothing series, Persian lamb sweater brought to uniform type dust coat with China added chic aesthetic feeling, McQueen decorative pattern YuanLingShan knitting sweater with the military, with a very strong sense of The Times.
McQ 2012/2013 qiu dong fashion
Appearance: new style and features of the outline is obviously shoulder, was the belt tightening waist circumference, and a round skirt; Army inspiration performance for long coat and jacket, the double color wool? Tartan or leather; In suiting on embroidery; Velvet dress embroider with fleeciness skirt; Thick woven and double color hand knotted knitting wool skirt; Luxuriant velvet coat covered with layers of gauze round with a skirt; Mini thin gauze lined with a petal applique;

Length: short skirt, knees and legs place bottom;

Colour: JunLu, cream-colored, coffee, rust color, ruby red, red wine, forest green, black and white;

Material: felt, suiting, shrinking wool, soft leather, PI cao sheep, velvet, gauze;

Accessories: black sheep leather is soft with tall canister boots knees, generally with; Long black leather gloves, fox wool circle brought.

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