Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cartelo crocodile into business leisure men's clothing market

On March 20, with "metamorphosis REBORN" as the theme of card emperor crocodile 2012 qiu dong conference in music Shanghai international conference center of China was held on the first floor hall. The founder of the fund WeiZhe, cartel crocodile dress HongWenZhan and President of nearly 150 national dealers to the activity at the site, common witness cartel crocodiles in the course of development of the landmark important moment. To create a business man happy six dimensional international famous brands (Singapore) cartel alligator tried to through this qiu dong conference, from a purely business men's clothing gradually metamorphosis, to tap into business leisure men's clothing market.

The activity at the site, the Chinese and foreign mould respectiely on cartel crocodile SHOW four stages: memory, hides, and growth, the breakthrough, perfect deduce the autumn/winter products of the design concept. "Memory" show cartel crocodile nostalgic memories of pure s better life yearning, also is to the contracted shirts and spell able ma3 jia3, jacket review; "Dormant" theme of acme contracted from jacket, coat, and a European romantic feelings down wear dust coat fully embody the new youth for a better life of stubborn and firm; "Growth" is a young man in the life experiences, in busy work in leisure and business growth; "Breakthrough", and in the busy life breakthrough the ego, agile spell able, variety of popular style also let agents plaudits for.

The activity at the site, the founder of the fund WeiZhe site also accepted the interview, said in the cartel crocodile enterprise planning for the brand recognition is, cartel crocodile insist on happiness six dimensional space (wisdom, career, family, society, social, health) is different from other men's clothing brand pure appeal for career, also can become the new leading business leisure men's clothing.

The international famous brand (Singapore) cartel crocodile dress is Singapore crocodile international institutions private limited company chairman dr ChenXianJin founded in 1947. In ChenXianJin founder of dr. The lead, not only successful leading leisure clothing fashion trend, but also in the enterprise growth process devastates enterprise adhering to the "faithful to the enterprise, the love to the society, the confidence to the cause, the modestly to yourself" spirit of enterprise is blended in among them, thus achievement is also the cartel crocodile's own happy life.

With intellectual and believes life, achievements are uncommon, free love together, heart, carrying the same care,

Still, listen to aggressive steps, love, let the home have music life, emperor le crocodiles, happiness everywhere.

Cartel crocodile took his love filled with happiness in the side to every corner of the reach, the ubiquity of happiness, is cartel crocodile enterprise spirit of clothing, it is the soul of enterprise culture roots.

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