Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yellow Dresses Are Very Popular In This Spring

1, yellow short skirt, tie-in white coat, concise and easy, show depressing a winter legs very sexy. Tie-in ga color sweater, add a few minutes of women and gentle.

 2, yellow 7 points sleeve blouse blue dress collocation, excellent combination. Blue skirt of unique design, let you change the supermodel T stage.
3, yellow T-shirt match bull-puncher knickers, full of energy, give a person very spring impression. A pair of high-heeled shoes citric yellow, add a few minutes of the female's charm, sexy.
4, yellow dress sexy and sunshine, match on blue coat dust coat, this spring perfect choice.
5, yellow shorts, tie-in water ripple blue vest, has a characteristic very much, deserve to go up again the red short coat, this spring to date it.

 6, yellow short skirt collocation red high-heeled shoes, think grab an eye, sex appeal is very, let his legs fast show come, black and white stripes of the upper body will make you more show thin, a brown knitting cardigan, showing your small waist it.

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