Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012, No A New Plush Is Not Popular Fashion

Fire red cotton, made ​​with white plush inside, it is very refreshing style, which take a black and white striped sweater, winter dress is not so dull, downloading matched with a pair of jeans, youth and personality.
Short padded navy blue, white plush lining, double degree of warmth, the color blue is also very significant fresh, clean, which take the maroon sweater, downloading with wear white jeans, casual and stylish.
Beige hooded cotton, inside with beige plush, warm and not significantly overstaffed, with a plaid shirt inside, casual flavor, woven wool cap is a young flower girl's favorite.
Long cotton military green, and there with blue and white striped sailor style plush, stylish and personal, relaxed casual style of his best flavor, warm, remarkable influx of two ways.
Classic black and white color plush padded, light-colored scarf, leopard earmuffs, casual jeans, simple can be achieved with the most fashionable winter dress.
Short dark purple plush padded inside, large lapel design, more lively and lovely girls, which take the flowers woven sweater, downloading material shorts with tights + it, has become so light up the winter dress.
Short padded brick red, white plush collar to lively up the dark winter now, with a small skirt, snow boots, winter itself is comfortable and casual dress.

Beige plush coat, hooded style warm powerful, simple style and convenient pocket, is wild and winter fashion a single product.
Casual cotton khaki, beige plush inside, with a similar texture of ear caps, stylish and significant wave, full of personality.

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