Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to wear boots, pants and fur coat in 2012

Feet dark pants and black T-shirt with a more pronounced thin

Fashion Analysis: for the feet of dark trousers, and black T-shirt with a more thin, silver-gray coat and shoes color match, regardless of color or luster from the point of view is divided into texture.
 Design is very unique boots

Fashion Analysis: Boots design is quite unique, although the color of old, but you can attract the eye, black cardigan sweater + fringed edge, retro fashion, with top hat and more range of small children.
 Black line with

Fashion Analysis: black line with black pants and lace buckle feet high-heeled boots, personality and was a high, solid color T-shirt coupled with black suit, plus a small black hat, simply could not inhibit the release of the fashion atmosphere.

Was significantly higher lean classic ride

Fashion Analysis: classic ride was significantly higher thin, black scarf and fluorescent yellow sweater constitute a strong collision effects, but also exceptionally pure tone to highlight the qualities, fluorescent colors and retro fashion style blend sweater unique taste.
Pants with high-heeled boots feet

Fashion Analysis: feet pants with high-heeled boots, the fur coat is black, then blue pants chose more dazzling


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