Friday, July 26, 2013

Wow, Anne Hathaway Then & Now

Look at Anne Hathaway Now

Look at Anne Hathaway Now

Take a look at these above incredible before and after photos—which Anne do you prefer?

Few actresses have had the extreme style transformation Anne Hathaway has. Of course, it all started with her Les Miserables pixie. New 'do, new you? This gal is living proof.

The former bow-wearing lace-adorned star traded in classic romance for daring dominatrix boots and avant-garde silhouettes. Every time she walked onto a red carpet this year, she did so fearlessly. Her most dramatic moment was when she showed everyone up at the Met Gala with her feathered mesh Elvira gown and bottle blond rocker tresses. Who knew little miss Princess Diaries could school everyone at playing punk?

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